Thadeus Bamford

High council member, CHVNK DCLXVI

Founder, Axles of Evil Little Beirut Style Bike Hockey Club
Random acts of senseless stupidity consultant, Team Beer Wearer of tight pink pants, Team Veloshop

The Champ, NUTRIA

Trainee, Lonely Wizards Club, Clerics Without Borders chapter

Junior member, PSU HPV capstone team

Tad enjoys the simple things in life: food, booze, sex, and seshing wicked berms on a singlespeed. Watching a good movie with a good friend and a good beer definitely falls in that category for him. To Tad pluralizing the first three nouns in that last sentence cubes its awesomeness, so, he says, “helping Filmed by Bike happen is gonna give me the Malt Liquor Crazy Eye.”


Tad does not come to the jury lightly:
North American Cycle Courier Champion, 2002; 2003
West Side Invite, 1st place polo tournament; 2004
Organ Donor Invitational Tallbike jousting tournament, 2nd place; 2005
West Side Invite, 1st place main race, 2006;
Elizabeth told me I made really awesome deviled eggs, and she would know, May 2008;
Portland State University President’s list, fall 2008
(we could go on, but surely you get the point.)

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