Filmmaker Nick Peterson says he has always been proud of the free-spirited DIY culture of his hometown, Portland, and he thinks Filmed by Bike “is a great incarnation of the enthusiasm and soul behind it.” As a jury member, he completely plans to extort the “mad fame and fortune that comes with being on the jury.” He says he could watch bike movies all day and is excited to be part of the team that gets to review submissions.

Nick is a huge bike enthusiast who has never owned a car. He says he’s happy only if he’s spinning around town, but he has really taken things to the velo extreme in his work as a filmmaker. Nick’s films focuses on the subject of communication between people in and out of love. “Specifically,” he says, “the difficulties and misunderstandings we often have in relationships.”

The last film he shot, “Field Guide to November Days” was made entirely by bike. Everyone working on the film biked to set and everything (including furniture) was pulled by bike. The film will premiere this May through the NW Film Center and then Nick will be taking a bike tour of the film from Vancouver, BC down to the Bay Area in June.

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