Brock Dittus

Host of the Sprocket Podcast

Brock is a master of sharing his ideas and opinions on all things bicycle as a host on the Sprocket Podcast, but in terms of being on the Filmed by Bike Jury, he’s looking forward to hearing what the other jurors have to say and what they find interesting on screen.

“I’ve been a huge fan of filmed by bike since I learned about it, and consider it to be the cream of Portland’s bike fun crop,“ he says. “I look forward to this a/v celebration of bicycle culture every year, and I’m honored by the chance to help select this year’s top films!”

Who knew? Brock drives a school bus for the Portland Public School District, transporting students with special needs. “I like this job because it keeps me in touch with people who have disabilities, which is not always our society’s highest priority – I think it gives me an enhanced perspective on the world around me.”

Favorite food cart: Cackalacks Hot Chicken Shack on Belmont

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