Deb Banks


Bike Advocate, Bike Collector, Event organizer


Rivet Cycle Works, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, Randonneurs, USA, @rivetress

As a randonneuse and after completing Paris Brest Paris, Deb launched Rivet Cycle Works, a small bicycle company creating a modern take on the leather saddle. These saddles are for anyone who wants to “go their distance,” whether that’s around the block or around the world. After a car vs bike crash resulting in a severely shattered ankle, Deb turned her attention to advocacy. She currently leads the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, striving to make the Sacramento region a safer city for people to easily ride their bikes.

“I believe that bicycles can change the world. Bikes bring people together, can help save our air quality and are great to ride alone or with friends. Bikes bring joy! In my spare time, I am outdoors, cycling or hosting randonneuring events in the Davis/Sacramento region. It’s not a stretch to say that I am immersed in ‘all things bicycle’ and I’m thrilled to be a part of the festival as a juror, to be inspired by the places they take me when viewing, and to appreciate the art of making the set of 2023’s entries.”

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