Erik Fenner

Chris King Precision Components, Digital Marketing Lead

“Cycling gives me that giggly high of endorphins and when a filmmaker can give me that same sensation while I’m sitting still they’ve really created something special.”

Erik says he’s excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury to be a part of our ability to expand the cycling audience. “This festival allows us to feel connected to all these diverse stories through our mutual love of bikes. I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to and support the artistic cycling community and help others have a similar experience of connection.”

As a juror, Erik says he hopes to see some new surprises. “I’m a sucker for a scenic bikepacking trip, but I really love seeing the new ways people use bikes that I have never dreamed of. Working in the bike industry I feel pretty well versed in the ways a bike can be used but every year Filmed By Bike shows me a new one.”

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