Jacinta “J” Higgins

Oregon Market Shop Coordinator at REI

J is a 13 year bike mechanic veteran and a proud member of the women’s cycling team Team Nonstop. J’s also involved with the Portland chapter of the WTF Bike Explorer community that does weekly, inclusive and adventure-focused rides.

J is excited to be on the jury to get a first-hand look at how others choose to depict our shared passion for bikes and says it is an honor to have a voice in the process. “Every film portrays a different relationship between artist/cyclist and their individual story, and I am excited to both relate and have my worldview expanded.”

As a juror, J hopes to see more films created by women, people of color, and groups not typically represented in cycling culture, as well as films about the intersection of community and bikes/adventure.

Favorite post-ride or movie watching snack: Sugary vegan treats.

“I love Filmed by Bike’s diversity in films and the ability to get a glimpse into other people’s worlds of adventure. Every year after Filmed by Bike I feel a rejuvenation and spark of motivation for my next expedition.”

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