Maritza Arango


Social Justice Advocate, Community Projects & Content Creative, Bikes Lover, Arts Voyeur 


Maritza is an intersectional feminist, Latinx, neurodivergent, creative and activist that bikes in the city with a service dog. Maritza has a background managing programs within very diverse cultural and educational settings, with a strong action framework on Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion. 

“My work is driven by giving visibility to those folks with marginalized identities who – like myself – have always been told by society’s standards and prejudices that their existence is not welcome in public spaces. People of color, queer folks, all women, disabled humans and fat bodies (among many others) are missing a spotlight in the biking community. I will continue creating content and having uncomfortable conversations that point at toxic patriarchal practices and hope for more underrepresented communities and people to join.”

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