Tenzin (Nam) Namdol

Co-owner of RonsBikes.com

Machimoodus on Wangunks Territory (East Haddam, Connecticut, USA)

“Currently, I’m keeping life simple by running my small business and training for the Tour Divide.

“My biases include art/media made and produced by QTBIPOCs (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color). I’m drawn to stories and narratives that have QTBIPOCs both in front of the screen and behind.

“When I first immigrated to this country from India, I learned the American English lexicon by watching films, and assimilated to the culture by observing themes in USAmerican TV shows. In my younger youth in India, I loved to watch the technicolor Bollywood movies and would skip school to watch movies.

“Films have served as balms for ancestral wounds, inspiration for big journies, motivation for political action, bringer of raucous laughter and have tremendously shaped the culture and language we use with each other. This medium of storytelling transcends physical and material realities in a way that is still tangible in feeling. I love how both movies and bikes can be vehicles for expanding connection – to each other, the land and ourselves.”

Why she’s excited to be on the jury

“I’m looking forward to the hard work people in the cyclo-sphere (my favorite sphere) have put into their visual communiques. I’m also hoping to find peers and collaborators for future bicycle travel – that’d be a big bonus.

“Mostly, I’m interested in seeing things I never knew existed or inspiration I didn’t think was possible.”


Founding member of WTF Bikexplorers, a movement toward more connection, gender inclusivity, and racial justice within the adventure cycling community.

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