Tori Bortman

Author of “Bicycling Magazine’s Big Book of Cycling for Beginners”

Educator/Owner: Gracie’s Wrench

“Being on the jury is a long-time dream of mine come true, so to be able to sit in a screening with so much talent in my fellow esteemed judges and have the pleasure of viewing bike films from around the world is dreamy,” says Tori. “I’m thrilled to help make Filmed by Bike the biggest, best bike party of the year! I’m also fired up about the festival being at the Hollywood Theatre this year.”

Tori went into the wilds of Alaska to complete her first back-country, single-track bikepacking trip. Tori adventured for six days living on and in only what she could carry strapped to her bike as she traveled through the magnificent, quiet tundra of Alaska.

Tori is also a co-host of the KBOO Bike Radio Show, a dog wangler, foodie, gardener and rider of bikes.

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