Filmaker Spotlight: Kara Minnehan

Kara Minnehan is a synergetic personality on a mission to inspire human connection and community using a tool growing in popularity: the bicycle.

Kara’s organization hosts a variety of events, everything from fashion shows and art exhibitions to comedy and social experiments. But the hub connecting each project is firmly rooted in feminism, and Kara’s personal history.

In an effort to reach “bike-curious” women and empower them to discover the freedom of bike riding, Kara is embarking on a documentary journey. The film explores her transition from a motorist to a cyclist. Kara has come a long way since last December. In less than a year, she sold her car, explored bike-commuting firsthand, and put in motion the Bike Love project that has engaged more than three hundred local supporters.

All of Kara’s ups and downs over the past ten months – her challenges, growth, introduction to Portland’s cycling community and even moving cross-town by bike – have been caught on film, and now it’s time to bring her story to life. To make this project a reality, Bike Love hopes to raise $29,000 in less than 30 days (by November 28) through Kickstarter. Funds will cover production costs, event costs and distribution of the film.

The Bike Love documentary project will also have a companion book, “Girls on Wheels” featuring women in Portland, Oregon astride their bicycles.


The deadline for entries to Filmed by Bike is January 20. MORE INFO >>


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