Meet the Team: Melina Coumas

TEAM MEMBER: Melina Coumas

ROLE: Films Manager

WHAT SHE DOES: Melina works closely with our community of filmmakers to discover the best bike movies and foster relationships with filmmakers all over the world.

Welcome to the Team!

Melina says she is excited to be joining the Filmed by Bike team because she has always enjoyed watching films from around the world and being exposed to different perspectives.

“Bicyclists often talk about how their bikes give them a sense of freedom, independence and community,” she says, “but biking can also be used as an avenue for personal therapy and even social advocacy – such a powerful tool! I’m hoping to curate a new and compelling program that showcases all the beautiful potential of bikes for the festival!”

An Experimental Filmmaker

Melina is a Portland-based experimental filmmaker and photographer who shoots primarily on celluloid film formats. She says she loves experimenting with the medium and creating work that can transport viewers for a little bit. “Celluloid film is magic to me with its warm, dreamy qualities fitting the meandering themes I often find my work taking on.”

We are thrilled to have a filmmaker joining our team and Melina will bring a unique local perspective to our work as we continue to forge ties with our regional filmmaking community. “I think the NW film community is definitely something special. The region is full of artists and creatives and everyone is so hungry to create! There is so much untapped talent here just waiting for an outlet. Folks are also usually super supportive of others’ endeavors and are eager to collaborate on projects.”

A Love for Portland

Melina is originally from Hawaii and says she loves her PDX home, where she finally gets to experience the changing of seasons. “I love the laid back vibe here in Portland, and how everyone seems to have multiple passions and disciplines to pursue. It’s an interesting mix of cozy and hectic. I also just love the close proximity to nature.” Melina also appreciates the diverse film scene that includes theaters with an appreciation for the experimental and avant-garde.

Bringing a Variety of Voices to the Screen

When we set out to find a new Films Manager, we had high hopes we would find someone who could help us continue our journey to bring a variety of voices, perspectives and experiences to the screen. Maybe even to shake up the bike industry a little bit. Definitate bring into positions of power, prominence and celebration those who are often left out of the conversation. We have no doubt Melina will bring us to new heights on this path.

“I love how film has the ability to educate, change perceptions and incite inspiration,” she says. “It is truly a magical medium that can both reflect reality and morph it into something entirely foreign. It is truly a powerful force in this day and age that can allow us an escape hatch and/or give us a firm wake up call.”

Follow Melina’s Work

Learn more about Melina and follow her creative work on Instagram: @ft.teapain.