Films Manager



The 18th Annual Filmed by Bike is a film festival showcasing the world’s best bicycle movies. We host a film festival in Portland every May, and our curated movie programs travel the world year-round to strengthen bike communities. Film submissions come from all over the globe.

Our next festival is May 15-17, 2020 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland.

The Films Manager is responsible for soliciting fim submissions and taking a dedicated approach to curating a submission pool in line with our festival goals and values. He or she will work directly with filmmakers to answer questions and obtain films in the correct formats by deadlines. There is a lot of creative freedom and opportunity to learn and refine skills built into this position. Our ideal candidate knows that many odd details go into making an event successful and will embrace the workload to help put on a good show.

We are a streamlined, creative event. If you enjoy working with a team of efficient people who are involved for an altruistic love of the creative film festival experience, you will fit right in.


Roughly 1-5 hours a week from October through May with additional hours directly before and during the festival. We meet every other week during Festival Season, January through May.

December and January are the busiest months for this position (other than the weeks directly surrounding the festival). At times there is very little work to accomplish, at other times the position is busy and deadlines are imperative. It is up to the Films Manager to manage this schedule with limited oversight.


We are an extremely positive, supportive work team. We work very hard and are fully dedicated to the festival. We work from home and have regularly scheduled staff meetings. We use Google Docs for file management. We all work extremely independently with very little oversight, though support is always available when there are questions or roadblocks.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS – Skills, Equipment and Characteristics

* Driven toward success and a desire to do a great job.
* Desire to find the world’s best bike movies and help Filmed by Bike be the best possible film festival.
* Ability to devise creative approaches to complex situations.
* Cool under pressure
* Friendly, positive, personable, works well with the public.
* Communications oriented – can do a good job of representing the festival to a wide variety of people.
* Ability to explain complex information in a clear, concise fashion.
* Works independently with thorough initial instruction but limited oversight after that.
* Thorough with detailed projects, doesn’t mind the occasional office tasks.
* Knows how to set project priorities and ask questions to stay on track.
* Ability to balance Filmed by Bike workload with other life commitments.
* Ability to work well with volunteers, provide clear instruction and efficiently support them as they donate their time to our organization. The volunteer work must help alleviate the workload, not create more work. It is up to the person in this position to make that happen effectively.


* Creative, eager to brainstorm new ideas for the festival.
* Desire to hone your skills by contributing to our festival.
* Excellent correspondence etiquette.
* Knowledge of bike movies – what’s out there, what’s good, what the trends are, what our audience would enjoy watching.


* Overseeing a team of 1-2 movie experts who will scour the internet to recruit movies.
* Meet with these people once for training and check in with them periodically to ensure they are on track.
This position is not responsible for the general Filmed by Bike volunteer program


* Supplement the work of the volunteers to find the world’s best bike movies.
* Spend time watching movies on the internet and reach out to the filmmakers.
* Hunt down filmmakers who have submitted great films to other festivals.


* Answer filmmaker questions.
* Ensure filmmakers’ films arrive on time and in the correct format.
* Encourage filmmakers to attend our festival and assist them in the process of doing so.
* Concierge for filmmakers – finding lodging, helping them attend filmmaker functions, coordinating a Brewery Tour Bike Ride with Filmmakers in partnership with Cycle Portland Bike Tours.


* Assistance with the Jury Screening in January – slightly increased hours during this busy weekend (usually a Friday and Sunday).
* Assistance with projects related to the execution of our festival in Portland.
* Working during the festival on opening night and other days of the festival.


* This is a new position. Other projects may arise.


Contract employment paying $2,300 three installments for the duration of this position.

Staff perks include free entry to the festival, networking opportunities, learning on the job and the opportunity to work with filmmakers.