New Greatest Hits Compilation

Uh, we’re kind of jumping out of our saddles right now. We just finished our Greatest Hits V.1 DVD, in partnership with Stumptown Printers. We crammed together crowd favorites from the last six years of Filmed by Bike all onto one DVD. Then we handed it over to the masters at Stumptown Printers. Stumptown has a new DVD package that’s made of all recycled materials and has no adhesives to hold it together. Fancy folding, that’s all it needs. So they designed up a very cool package for our new Greatest Hits DVD, and we love it. Oh, and along the way, CDForge masterfully replicated 1,000 copies of the DVD.

The DVD is covered in rich artwork and full of the best short independent bike movies like only Filmed by Bike can do. Buy yours today and support FBB!
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One thought on “New Greatest Hits Compilation

  1. I’m Deaf and a loyal bicyclist. I’m wondering if the DVD have subtitles or open captioning. It would be awesome if it is! I tried to attend many bike festivals or events, I never seen a movie that has captions or anything. Really frustrating!


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