Next Stop The Moon

Jerry in Next Stop the Moon“When riding bikes, I had trouble keeping up with my uncle,” says Brighton West, the director of Next Stop the Moon. That may not seem all that surprising, but Brighton is in his 30’s and his uncle, Jerry Krysiak, is nearly 70 years old.

“My uncle sent me his annual Christmas letter mentioning all the biking he’d been doing,” and Brighton, a bike enthusiast from Portland, jumped at the change to head to Arizona, where Jerry lives, to escape Portland’s dreary weather and reconnect with his uncle through their shared passion.

“Reconnecting with my uncle was my favorite part of making this movie. We only see each other every 3-4 years. He’s really created his life around his bike. Almost everything he does on a daily basis is within a couple miles of his home – and that has helped build a tight community around him.”

On the opening night of Filmed by Bike, Brighton will be in attendance with a cake to celebrate his uncle’s birthday and accomplishments. Jerry arrives on Monday and and will be on stage after the films to talk more about his life.

Next Stop, the Moon will show as part of our Ruckus in the Street program.

2 thoughts on “Next Stop The Moon

  1. I was riding my bike on SE 42nd yesterday and Brighton blew by me so quickly I barely recognized him. If he struggles to keep up with Jerry, I think Jerry’s probably the most fit 70 year old I’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie and meeting Jerry next week.

  2. Was that you I blew by Josie? I just saw some blond hair and a pink bike. I should have known.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the film on the big screen. My parents are coming to town to celebrate my uncles birthday and his big accomplishment.

    BTW, Jerry passed a big milestone today! About a week earlier than his goal.

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