Not Too Late to Bribe the Jury

Our jury is gearing up to sit though a weekend of screening movies to determine which submissions make the cut for our 2013 festival. We like to reward them with delicious food and plenty of booze. And then there are the bribes…. It’s okay if you want to try to bribe the jury. They like booze and snacks. We’ll be sure to tell them the bribe is from you.

So, even if you’ve already submitted your movie, it’s not too late to bribe the jury. Bribes can be dropped off at our headquarters (1158 NE Morton Street) on the door step any time before 1pm on Friday. We look forward to seeing what you bring. Oh, and this picture is of the bribes from festivals past, bribes that made the jury VERY happy.

Click to view a larger version – and that awesome sticker.

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