Promote Filmed by Bike!

Postering is one of the most important ways we showcase our poster and showcase Filmed by Bike to a broad audience who may not know about the festival. This is an extremely important role and we’d love to have your support!

Spend a Day Around Town!

Poster2017MikeKingSMGet your volunteering tackled early so when the big event comes you’re free to party. We’re looking for just a few volunteers to help put up posters around town to promote Filmed by Bike.

This is a fun, easy position. Select your neighborhood, load up your bag then head out for a day of fun on two wheels (or drive, we don’t judge!). It’s a cool way to explore Portland, maybe even select a neighborhood you want to get to know better! Stop for coffee, grab a doughnut, hit up the food carts and window shop as you go.

Sign Up Now!

How Postering Works

  1. Go to the sign up page and choose the Postering position.
  2. Select the neighborhood you want to cruise around
  3. Cory will send you a list of locations to visit in that neighborhood*
  4. You can pick up posters at our Headquarters – 1158 NE Morton Street. Rain or shine, day or night – they’ll be outside waiting for you.
  5. You will visit those locations, and add in new locations – this is a huge part of the project as new awesome places are popping up all the time*
  6. You send your list to Cory to show what happened at each location
  7. Once Cory reviews your completed list, she will send you a code to get into Filmed by Bike for free!
  8. Tell all your friends about Filmed by Bike and rally your festival posse
  9. Come join us at the festival!

* Our lists have been carefully curated over the years to include the best locations with high visibility.

Important notes

  • This is a fun tradition we’ve been doing since the early days of Filmed by Bike. We’ve visited some of these places for 12 years! Thank you for being on our team for this – it means a lot to us!
  • Please bring your own tape and pins.
  • No need to talk with people at each shop. The lists are set up with locations you can simply walk into and put up a poster. If you feel more comfortable getting permission, you can, but it’s not necessary unless otherwise noted on your list.
  • Please do not discuss the details of the festival. It’s complex and we don’t want you to get stuck answering a million questions, that would take too long. You can simply say, “I’m helping with the posters so I don’t have all the answers, but the website has all the info you’ll need or you can give the festival a call.” We also don’t want you to get caught answering a question you may not know the answer to, or for something that has changed (a lot has changed this year in exciting ways.)
  • Keep your notes really clear – that’s how you earn your free entry to Filmed by Bike and it’s what we’ll use for the same neighborhood next year.
  • Don’t forget to put your new locations in geographic order, we’ll need those in order to grant your free ticket.

About This Year’s Poster

Mike King has made more rock and roll posters than anyone in America, and now he has also designed a Filmed by Bike poster.

His new book Maximum Plunder features 1,000 pieces of his work over the years. Too bad the book was compiled before our poster was released!

The poster was printed by the amazing folks at Stumptown Printers using an offset (not digital) process on ancient monolithic machines with soul.

You’ll have so much fun bringing this incredible poster around town.

Watch the Video About Mike’s Work