Special Rare Screening

We used to say that Filmed by Bike happens “one night, and one night only”, but then it got pretty large and we started doing multiple screenings. Still, Filmed by Bike has remained a film fest that only comes out to play once a year. Until now.I’ve released a special outdoor screening of select Filmed by Bike films for The Night Ride, a benefit for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. The Night Ride is super fun. It’s a late night ride featuring a route that goes through wild night life, fire jugglers, a disco party rest stop, a finish line doughnut feast, and a special stop along the way to an open field where popcorn and Filmed by Bike movies await.

The only way to see the movies is to come on the ride! Register now.

3 thoughts on “Special Rare Screening

  1. YIPPPP!!! I am so excited. I missed it in April because I had to work. This is so cool. I just signed up to ride. I cannot wait. Hopefully I can drag some friends along too.

  2. Hi Benjamin,

    The ride is $30 and includes entry to the movie rest stop. Once you register for the ride, it’s a package deal: doughnuts, free Tireflys, disco party, popcorn, glow necklaces, support on course and of course the awesome Filmed by Bike films.

    Hope to see you out there!

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