Team Bike Fun Pennant

We may not be able to ride together right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stand united in our love for #bikefun!

Every year the Pedalpalooza festival in Portland, Oregon creates a signature pennant for people to fly on their bikes as they cruise around to free bike events for the entire month-long festival. All summer long the city is a-flutter in flags waving proudly from bikes. It’s quite a sight to see!

We teamed up with Pedalpalooza to create the Global Team Bike Fun pennant, a chance to showcase your love of fun on two wheels.


How to Fly the Pennant

  1. Download the pennant PDF (below)
  2. Print it on standard 8.5×11 thick paper or mount it to cardboard
  3. Follow the thin grey outline to trim your pennant into a triangular shape
  4. Attach your pennant to your bike. Here are some suggested methods:
    1. Attach a pole to your bike with zip ties, then mount the pennant
    2. Secure the pennant to your saddle or your rack
    3. Pin it to your bag

If You’re Not Riding

Display your pennant as a sign of solidarity with the global bike community, and a reminder of fun bike times to come!

  • Pin your pennant on the wall
  • Tape it to your bathroom mirror
  • Display it in your front window
  • Hang it from a tree in your front yard
  • Selfie your pennant with #TeamBikeFun

Share Your Adventures

Post your photos with the hashtag #TeamBikeFun so we can all be inspired by each other’s rides and fun!

Print the Pennant

Click to download the pennant PDF. Select a color or use the white version to print out on colored paper.
Download All Versions


About the Artist

Beth Krynick is a graphic designer, illustrator and bicycle enthusiast. Beth says she is inspired by bright colors, underground comic art and the quirky and bizarre bike community of Portland. Follow her on Instagram as @bethwonkenobi.

Pedalpalooza Merch

T-shirts and the original Pedalpalooza 2020 pennant can be found on their website.
Check Out the Merch