First off, congratulations to the Felt cruiser winner, Elaine from Vancouver, B.C.! Now she gets to ride it all the way back to Canada (or take it on the train).

Congrats also to Robin Moore for winning the Golden Helmet Award for his film Performance (Program 1) and Lars C. Larsen for winning the GoIndependent! Award for his film Go! Paperboy! (Program 1).

Special thanks goes to Brad Nelson (Operations Director), Meghan Sinnott (Raffle Coordinator), Stephen Fortunato (Permitting), Owen Walz (Volunteer Coordinator), Elizabeth Chang (Promotions), Elicia Cardenas (Stage Manager), Jenny Cadigan (Box Office) and Sauce (Festival DJ) for their assistance making the festival such a raging success.

And of course, to all the filmmakers – my most grateful thanks for bringing great quality films to our festival every year. We coudn’t do it without you.

Until next year,
Ayleen Crotty, Festival Director

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