The Aeolian Ride

What is it? It is 50 people in wind-inflated suits riding bikes together through cities around the world. According to their website, the first ride was NYC 06.05.04, and the happening has since occured in SAN FRANCISCO 10.10.04, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA 01.15.0, a night ride in LOS ANGELES 09.10.05 and MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA 03.11.06.

The organizer, Jessica Findley, say the affair was inspired by a love for bikes, city cruising, critical mass, costumes, silliness and things that inflate. She wanted to create an event that would be participatory with a sense of humor and as exciting for the participants as for the spectators. The process, she says, transforms the landscape into a playground of wind-filled shapes.

Seemed like a pretty odd concept, but then I saw the photos. It’s truly a moving spectacle. Check out more photos here.

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