We’re Hiring Poster Distributors!

The 21st Annual Filmed by Bike is coming soon! We want to invite all of Portland to join us for the celebration, not only those who know bike fun and feel included in the bike community.

Poster Distributors will cruise around (by bike if you want!) to display posters in the windows of businesses across the city. We have a list of businesses already defined, and you’re encouraged to add in some of your favorites.

This year’s poster was designed by the incredible artist Dr. Curtis Bullock. His work has graced custom designs for Squid Bikes, Miir mugs, many other notable projects… and now our poster.

How it Works

Work begins as early as April 15, 2023
Must be completed by April 30, 2023

  • GOAL: Get in + out fast and courteously – You don’t need to be a talker to do this job extremely well
  • Tape posters in windows
  • When relevant, drop a small stack of flyers as well
  • Your best option is to go during the hours that most of the businesses are open
  • We will provide lists
  • Once lists are completed and we have spot checked the work, we will send your compensation.
  • It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s a cool way to reconnect with the city after a long strange time!


$170 for every 3 neighborhood zone lists you cover, plus a Festival Pass ($70 value) for complimentary access to all events and showtimes.

One neighborhood zone only: $45

Apply for the Position

Email Sue