What You Need to Begin Planning Your Next Bike Tour

Around the world, organizations host Filmed by Bike movie events to raise funds and strengthen their bike communities, thanks to support from Warmshowers.

Warmshowers is a community of bicycle riders and hosts who house them on their journeys. They recently shared with us their top 6 tips for planning your next bicycle adventure.

What You Need to Begin Planning Your Next Bike Tour

We are still facing uncertain times. Many of us crave being back on our bikes and have adventures planned and cannot wait to resume hosting and touring. Bike touring can be done at any age and in most all areas of the world, even with restricted travel in many areas. Be creative and think outside of your usual planning to create an adventure.

Whether you are a seasoned rider or new to the adventure of bike touring, here are tips to getting started and utilizing the Warmshowers network of hosts this year.

  1. Be creative and get started where you are. It doesn’t have to involve quitting your job or saving for years in order to embark on a new adventure. There are many ways to get started i.e., doing day trips from your home, riding through a national park nearby or even adding a few hours to your weekly commute. The goal is to begin or keep pedaling, in whichever way you can.
  2. If you are planning a longer trip and are planning to contact Warmshowers hosts along the way, remember to check local and national restrictions on travel and safety beforehand.
  3. Many hosts are offering their homes with increased safety measures, be prepared to respect their choices. Some may offer outdoor sleeping options or alternative ways to support you.
  4. Provide plenty of notice when contacting a potential host to allow them time to prepare. We understand that you may not always know your daily destination, but during these uncertain times, extra notice is helpful.
  5. Expect the unexpected. Have enough equipment with you to be self-sustaining in case circumstances change and you need to hunker down.
  6. Carry extra masks and hand sanitizer.

The point is, you can find ways to continue to connect to others safely while touring. Our network of hosts is eager to welcome cyclists again. If you haven’t hosted with us before, now is a great time to enjoy the cycling community through the fulfilling experience of opening your doors to new friends. It doesn’t matter the size of your home or places available to sleep, most cyclists will appreciate whatever you have to offer, even if it is just a shower and a chance to connect with you. A friendly face along the way makes all the difference for those on tour.

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