Bike Scout

September 26, 2015

START: Ex Novo – 2326 N. Flint Ave. [map]
END: VeloCult – 1969 NE 42nd Ave. [map]

Get your compasses, searching devices, friends, costumes and bike ready, it’s time for a scavenger hunt like no other Portland has ever seen before. You’ll circle the city on an expedition to answer riddles, find treasure, document experiences and conquer challenges in hopes of winning the coveted troop trophy.

Register a month in advance and earn 10 free points. You may also register for Bike Scout at the event, space allowing.


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All troop members who successfully reach the finish line on time will earn a Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt merit badge.


Teams of 3-5 people
A troop name is required.
Troops should showcase their team name in costumery, attitude and antics. Such endeavors are rewarded with a special scoring category.

Orphans welcome! If you do not have enough people to form a troop, please come anyway. We will match you up with others who are in the same situation. We cannot guarantee there will be enough orphans to form a troop.


Registration is not yet open – please check back soon.

Registration is $25 per troop.

You may also register at the event, space allowing.

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1:30 – Registration opens – hang out and have a beer
2:15 – Registration closes – all teams must be checked in
2:30 – Troops are released – Manifests are distributed
2:45 – Last opportunity to draw from the Challenge Card pile
4:00 – Scoring is open (cannot return before this time)
Taco Pedaler will be on site selling freshly made tacos from the taco bike.
4:45 – Live music
5:00 – Deadline – You are docked three points for every minute you are late. We set the time based on our Timing Master’s cell phone clock.
5:10 – Scoring closes – we will not accept returning teams after this time
5:45 – Awards Ceremony
6:00 – Live music
7:00 – Event ends (but you are welcome to continue hanging out at VeloCult.


Items on the manifest are weighted. You may not be able to complete them all, so it’s up to you to determine which items you tackle.

Troops will be issued the manifest when the start line opens. If your troop feels confident in the list and wishes to earn additional points, you may draw from the Challenge Card pile.

Challenge Cards are worth big points, but if you fail to successfully complete the challenge you will be docked the number of points that challenge is worth.

The first troop to arrive to a manifest location should be on the lookout for the Pink Envelope of Love. These envelopes contain opportunities for additional points, with no penalties at all. You must present your pink envelope at the finish line to be awarded the points.

It is possible for Pink Envelopes of Love to exist in locations that are not manifest locations.

There are many ways to rack up points and win the game.




Each troop has a Troop Log that is maintained by the Scout Master. If you draw any challenge cards, they are recorded on the Troop Log.

When you arrive to VeloCult, check in with the Timing Master to have your arrival time documented on your Troop Log.

You will then carry your Troop Log to a Scoring Judge who will process your manifest and activities, and award you points.

A photograph will be taken of your collected items as a visual record of your journey.

By 5:45, all teams will be scored and we will announce the winners.

The deadline is 5:00. For every minute you arrive late, you are docked three points.

No teams will be scored after 5:10.


REGISTER BEFORE August 10 – 10 points



FIRST TEAM BACK – 10 points


THIRD TEAM BACK – 5 points


CHALLENGE CARDS (select at the start line) – Various points

PINK CARDS (find them on course) – Various points


  • Your Troop Leader will receive more info via email – check with your troop leader (the person who registers your team) for event specifics, tips and advice.
  • Arrive to the hunt early for check in and to enjoy a beer. This is your time to ask questions – there is plenty of time to ask questions.
  • Remember that this is a game with rules. Pay attention to the rules – they’re clearly spelled out on your manifest.
  • We will go over rules, the lay of the land, scheduling and addition point opportunities at the start line just before the course opens. After that, if the rules and points are confusing it’s your own fault for not paying attention or asking questions.


The first teams back receive bonus points, so we’ve planned big-ole party while you relax after your hard work scouting the city. There will be live music, no-host tacos from taco pedaler and no-host beer. VeloCult is a tavern and bike shop. Visit the photo booth, watch expert mechanics working on bikes and hang out with your troop.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Safety

Follow the rules of the road. Ride respectfully.

Bike Scout is our opportunity to showcase to other road users how respectful bikers can be!

Share the road and ride safely. You are responsible for your own safety.


Bike Scout is a game with plenty of opportunity for strategy. Once you receive your manifest, make a plan. Being back first can help, but that’s only one strategy to gain points.

What’s the best way to win? follow the rules, plan your strategy and have fun. Fun is highly rewarded in this game.

Unless otherwise stated, your entire troop will work together on challenges, including photos (minus the photo taker).

Youth Scouts

Participants under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is also participating and they must ride together at all times. Participants under 18 must have a legal guardian at Check In to sign the waiver. We may ask for proof of age so please come prepared. The event has some adult themes like drinking and wild antics, but nothing too over-the-top.

TWITTER > @BikeScout
INSTAGRAM > @FilmedByBike

We look forward to seeing you out there!

Your Stalwart Scout Masters,
Matt Stefanik and Ayleen Crotty