Meet the Jury

Every year Filmed by Bike receives hundreds of film submissions from filmmakers all over the world. Our panel of bike and film experts and enthusiasts is tasked with wading through the varied collection to determine which films make the cut and earn the title of World’s Best Bike Movies.

Make Your Escape!


Life in the city can be hectic and creative minds need room to breathe.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with a congregation of some of our favorite companies to help you make an escape and find your nature in the city. Together, we assembled a package with everything you need to recharge your senses, invigorate the imagination, dream big and wide.
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2017 Festival

The 15th Annual Filmed by Bike is May 5-7 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

Our team is hard at work curating an impressive collection of films to dazzle and delight.

December 1 – Jury nominations are due
January 20 – Film deadline
March 1 – Tickets go on sale

Filmmaker Spotlight: Joey Schusler

joey schusler

Joey Schusler is an adventurer extraordinaire who also creates gorgeous films about his journeys. In his early 20’s he realized his bike could be more than simply a thrill-seeking tool for racing the clock, it could also be a tool for adventure and getting an personal view of the world.

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Filmmaker Spotlight: Devansh Mathur

Gotya | Devansh Mathur

“Gotya” is an intriguing bike-themed film set in India. We spent some time talking with filmmaker Devansh Mathur about the making of this complex piece.

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2016 Festival Trailer

About the Trailer

Produced by Manny Marquez

Filmmaker Manny Marquez assembled a film crew, tucked them away in a historic, rustic fruit packing warehouse in Hood River and set about creating an impressive video trailer to set the tone of this year’s festival. Utilizing innovative filming techniques and referencing bike-themed moments in famous movies, this piece is an awesome reflection of the creative spirit of Filmed by Bike.

The Making of the Trailer

By Charles Perry