Artist Details for the PDX Bike Fun Zine

Photos by Ayleen Crotty

PDX Bike Fun: A Bike Culture History Zine
by Filmed by Bike

We’re honoring the history of Portland’s weird and wildly creative bike culture, celebrating local artists and marking the 20th Anniversary of Filmed by Bike.

OH what a time that was! We’re stoked for all the bike culture excitement that is happening now, and endlessly hopeful about what’s coming next, and we also want to honor the creative (raucous + wild) past that got us her.

This zine will be made available at the Film Festival Celebration June 9-12 at the historic Hollywood Theatre.

Call for Artists

We are seeking artists who want to highlight a favorite a moment in PDX bike culture history through illustration and words. We are especially interested in submissions that feature the 90s and the formative era of 2000-2012, but we’ll consider later years as well. We already have a few artists covering the recent years.

Design a Page

Each submission is a single page or a two-page spread as a completed layout, with words AND images. Illustration, comic, sketch, digital, pen+ink, collage, photos, etc.

If you don’t specialize in the image world, please find a collaborator to join you and compliment your words with images. We are looking for complete layout pages only. If you want to chat about a concept that may not fit within these guidelines, no prob! Please get in touch.

Please design your submission to fit within the specs below.

Deadlines / Apply for a Page

Apply for a page by: April 10
We can’t guarantee your proposal will be accepted. Early days prefered. Applications will close earlier if we reach capacity before April 10. We recommend you apply for a space early.

Final artwork due by: April 30

Reserve a 2-page spread or a single page.

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Our Zine History

We are huge fans of the power of self publishing and the creativity of independent media.

Filmed by Bike Founder + Festival Director Ayleen Crotty has been creating zines since the early 90s.

Filmed by Bike’s alliance with Stumptown Printers (they printed our posters for at least 12 years) is the result of knowing each other through the zine world back in the 90s, then discovering we all eventually wound up in Portland!


Design it however you like, but send in a digital file as your final artwork.

Black and white

Avoid subtle shifts in grey tone

Convert photos to BW

Design in black and white

This is a standard 1/2 sheet size, like a piece of 8.5×11 paper folded in half.


5.5″ wide
8.5″ tall


Because of our simple printing method, unfortunately we can’t guarantee an actual continuous design across two pages. You may design something that continues from one page to the next, but please be aware it will have a slight gap of white space in the middle. BECAUSE THIS IS A ZINE, YO!

11″ wide
8.5 tall

Two Panel
Two pages right next to each other. Each one is designed to these specs:
5.5″ wide
8.5″ tall

Details About Use and Rights

The work you create is yours to keep and do whatever you want with it now and into the future. You also agree to allow Filmed by Bike to use it in this zine that is sold as a fundraiser. THANK YOU. We are honored to have your work included.

We’ll include any of your socials, website, contact, postal mail or other ways of pumping you up that we can, however we can. Got an upcoming show, looking for work or are you selling your work (etc)? We can run a complimentary ad for you on screen at the festival.

See this page for details then contact us for a comp.

What you get

Complimentary copy of the zine

Artist pricing of $5/zine

One free ticket to the 2022 Filmed by Bike film festival, in person or online.

More Info

Contact Us

Contributors: Reserve a Spot in the Zine

The deadline for reserving a spot has now passed.

If you’d still like to be involved, please email to see if it’s possible. Be sure to include your concept and what years you’d want to cover.