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We had planned to launch a new downloadable design pack today featuring a poster and spoke card design, so we decided to launch it as a fundraiser in honor of World Bicycle Day with 100% of all sales going to Exit the Maze, a Portland non-profit changing the discourse around racism.

This character illustration is by Lori Damiano, as a part of a superhero trilogy for the 2019 Filmed by Bike festival poster.

We at Filmed by Bike have long been frustrated by the bicycle industry’s history of institutional racism and discrimination – it is hurtful and harmful to people of color, indigenous people, trans people and women.

We recognize that our efforts to support inclusion in the bicycle industry and the bicycle culture are not enough and we pledge to do more.

We stand against the historical norm of our industry and culture and in solidarity with people who are fighting for racial justice.

We are learning, following people of color and indigenous people inside and outside of our bicycle community, educating ourselves, listening and stepping back to make space.

Over the years we have worked hard to create and offer positions of power, prominence and celebration to women and people of color on stage, on screen, in our relationships, in our leadership roles and on social media. We can do better and we will work to do more.

We welcome and encourage input and feedback.

Donate + Download the Poster Design Pack