Let’s Get a Phone for Adepoju!

Fundraising Goal: $250

What it will go toward: A new phone, the processing and transfer fees to securely deposit that money in Adepoju’s account

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Nigerian cyclists Adepoju Godwin recently lost his phone and doesn’t know when he’ll be able to get a new one. We want to help him get a new phone so we can continue to see glimpses of his ride life in Nigeria.

As a film festival that features the world’s best bike movies, we have always enjoyed the perspectives, landscapes, creativity and cultures represented in the films we showcase. Though we may speak different languages and live in vastly different cultures, the global bike community stands united in our passion for bikes. There’s something very special in that.

That’s why we’re dedicated to carving out a space to showcase these stories.

So when we heard that Adepoju lost his phone and would no longer be able to share pics of his rides through his home region of Osogbo in southwestern Nigeria, we knew we wanted to help. Selfishly, we wanted to see more photos of his rides.

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How We Got to Know Adepoju

The Social Distance Cycling Club is this special little Facebook group filled with people who simply want to share pictures from their rides. The group sprung up at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic because cyclists riding solo, or not at all, were eager to connect with others who understood what they were going through during quarantine.

The group’s lead organizer, Fred Zelt, had many projects going on when COVID hit. Instead of wallowing about canceled events and a changed cycling lifestyle, he instead channeled his energy into creating this Facebook group and shaping an incredible community filled with love and people from all over the world.

The Social Distance Cycling Club now boasts more than 6,700 members.

The world is going through a lot of change right now, and groups like this one give us hope.

About the Fundraising

Adepoju didn’t ask for a new phone, he simple let us all know he was going to need to go dark for a while because he didn’t have one anymore (he lost it while riding). When we let him know we’d like to help, he was extremely appreciative.

In the United States, people easily spend $250 in one night of going out for dinner and drinks, a moment that quickly fades. That same amount of money will make a huge difference in Adepoju’s life, and for the rest of us who will be treated to a window into the world of this passionate cyclist.

If we raise more than our goal, the remainder will be used to fund our new film festival featuring all films by and about Black, Indigenous and People of Color. This virtual live event is in the works for July 2020.

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