Favorite Movies from 2006?

It had been fun looking through all the submissions for this year’s festival, but it always gets me thinking about last year’s festival.  What were your favorites of 2006?

5 thoughts on “Favorite Movies from 2006?

  1. I liked the one that was all white and black with the puffy characters, stop animation. Very interesting format and the story was wonderful, albeit a sad ending. She never rode her bike again!

  2. Overall, it was a good festival. I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite, but I’d be tempted to say it was the one about messengers in NYC. It was just a nice look at these women’s lives.

  3. I didn’t get to go because I had to work (I know, poor me) but I did get to watch the DVD. My favorite, by a total landslide, was bikkake. I show that to my friends all the time. Clever notion, the way it was shot totally made sense, and the music, hilarious. After I watch it I get that song in my head all day.

  4. I live in East Vancouver.I am 59 and I don’t drive.I am afraid of the dark riding in the fast lanes of the suburbs at night.It was worth it to buy the video and avoid the mob at the Clinton.When watched the video, I had the same amusement as watching kid’s perform at my son’s Christmas pageant in the 90’s.I am a harmless and impoverished pensioner who loves to take volunteer jobs nobody else wants, in exchange for food, t-shirts, or souvenir buttons, and to see some action.(rebellious youths making the same mistakes I did.)
    I am still struggling with Flickr, and staying out of people’s way.
    Thanks for the discount on last years edition I will like to buy next year’s edition sight unseen.I hope you still have my address.

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