Snow Days = Make Movie Days!

We here in Portland are having a snow day. I’m from Illinois, so I know what it’s all about, but we just don’t get this out here. It’s real snow, and it’s sticking around! So what to do on a snow day? Some people are out there riding their bikes, and I’ve heard some excellent stories, but people should be out making movies! Biking in the snow movies!
We have never had a submission of full on snow riding.  The deadline is March 1.  Plenty of time!  Today’s the day to shoot.  GO for it!

One thought on “Snow Days = Make Movie Days!

  1. This snow is awesome! I’m from Southern California and we never get snow, then I moved to Portland where it is always so rainy and so rarely snowy. When it does snow, it goes away as soon as it hits the ground. I’m loving this full-on snowness! I shot some footage yesterday and I’ve been riding my bike around.

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