Billy Sinkford

Partner, ECHOS Communication

Billy is excited to be on the Filmed by Bike jury because, simply put, he likes riding bikes and watching movies. “Combine those two activities,” he says, “and the only thing better is a foot massage.”

“I made a big effort to stay local and spend time with my kids and bring them out to most of the local cross races. Watching my little dudes rip though the mud laughing is the highlight of my week. We spend our time exploring, riding and playing outside. Showing my children the world that I am passionate about is better than a foot massage, maybe.”

Billy is terrified of volcanoes and dislikes doctors on recumbent bikes. When he’s not busy doing PR and marketing for cycling brands, he listens to The NeverEnding Story theme song on loop while climbing hills. He also likes to party. That may or may not be the reason he was accepted onto the Filmed by Bike jury.

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