Heidi Swift

Heidi describes herself as “a newspaper columnist, freelance writer and photographer (and sometimes bike racer) with a penchant for adventure”. So we couldn’t resist accepting her for the adventure of 2011 jury member.

Heidi considers her relentless attention to detail one of her many superpowers, a skill that wil invariably need to be deployed as she scours through endless hours of films alongside the other jurors.

Heidi writes The Everyday Cyclist, a twice-monthly Oregonian column and The Cycling Diaries, an online column for Wend Magazine. Her work has appeared in Cyclocross Magazine, Bicycling Magazine and Velonews to name just a few publications.

But don’t let the credentials fool you, Heidi still makes time to get out from behind the computer and on the open road with the “locally fabulous” Veloforma Cycling team.

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