Nate Meschke

“I have grease under my fingernails right now and I smell like cutting fluid”

There is no better way is there to introduce you to juror Nate Meschke.

Ever since finishing art school, Nate has channeled his creative fire, brain power and physical energy into building beautiful bikes. He says that for the past 15 years he has not made a dime that is not, in some way, tied to biking. As part of this years jury panel, Nate says he is most looking forward to the films, the food and the free drinks.

Nate’s experience as co-owner to Signal Cycles has prepared him for the task ahead to be a 2011 Filmed by Bike juror. Among his many talents, Nate lists the fact that and he once ate a whole baby loaf of Tillamook cheddar cheese in one sitting.

We forgot to ask, Nate, do you prefer your bourbon near or on the rocks?

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