Taylor (Tay) Snider

Bicycle Enthusiast, Multi-Disciplinary Coach, Graphic Designer

“Through bikes, I have a means to fuel my athleticism, my need for social connections, my desire to be in nature or outdoors, along with the necessity of getting from point A to point B.”

“What I love about bikes is their ability to make me feel more connected to people and places. I love the vast diversity of all types of people being able to do a similar activity, and how each person can connect with that similar activity in different ways, or disciplines on all types of machines that fall under the umbrella term of “bikes.” As for the place connections, I am so very grateful to bikes for helping me to be fully immersed in an area, whether it be in nature far away from civilization, a new city with new sights and smells, or the city I currently call home with familiar but always evolving pieces to it.”

 Why Tay is excited to be on the jury

“Film has an incredible way of telling great stories while transporting us to new places all over the world we share. I am excited to be on the jury and be able to fully appreciate all of the work & craft that goes into making these films. I am particularly hopeful to feel fully engrossed in stories from all types of representations to catch a glimpse of things I’ve never thought of before.”


Breadwinner Cycles Cyclocross Team, Dirt Series

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