Let the Freak-Out Begin!

March 1st, is that postmarked by or received by? What if it is late? Can I just drop it off at your office? What if it is just over eight minutes? I’m sending it from Sweden, what if it doesn’t arrive in time? We’re transferring from tape and it’s out of our hands, it might be late, will you still take it?

Yes, these are the questions of movie makers freaking out about meeting that call for entries deadline of March 1st. Is that a hard-fast deadline? Yes. What if the submission is late? They jury screening may be over and your movie won’t be watched until 2009. But that’s okay – 2009 needs movies too!

We’ve got tons of submissions already and more on their way. So far the overall quality is excellent, we have more movies from outside the US than ever before and a lot of diverse submissions. 2008 is looking pretty great! I can’t wait for the opening night.