On Feb 10th I was at the Worst Day of the Year Ride in Portland to promote Filmed by Bike and encourage people to submit their movies. This is a fun, 18-mile easy ride around Portland, no matter the weather. I had a blast! I met many fun bike lovers who were not only excited about bike love but about sharing that bike love! Laughing Planet Cafe did a fantastic job of feeding us all. As I am new to the Portland area, it was my first supported ride experience. And what a beautiful experience it was! Fresh chili, chowder and bread filled our tummies and warmed our hearts.

When Ayleen, FBB Director, told me there was a chili overload and asked if I would like to take some home with me, I was more than delighted! Being the angel she is, she delivered it to our home. But this was over a week ago…and I can no longer stomach even the idea of stuff! So here is where I say, NO MAS CHILI! Yes it was delicious, yes it was free, but here’s the down side..I live with six other people who have been no-stop chili eating machines! I have seen endless devoured chili dogs, bowls of chili mac and even chili and eggs! Thank goodness it is gone, until one of my house mates finds the hidden stash in the freezer!

Now, let’s get back to MOVIES and forget about chili!