Let’s Ride Roast: A Filmed by Bike Coffee


Sit back. Sip. Relax.

Let’s Ride Roast is the perfect coffee to inspire your ride.

Plot and scheme your next route. Trace your finger along maps as you dream, wonder. Rally your crew. Throw caution to the wind. Hop on your bikes. Explore. Get Lost.

Whether through the streets of Portland (or wherever you live) or the hidden rugged rural roads of far off places, the roar of adventure is calling and we must ride.

Let’s ride!

About The Coffee

Let’s Ride Roast was developed in partnership with the coffee roasting experts at Oblique Coffee in Portland, Oregon. This small batch, single origin coffee is roasted to perfection in a rare German built Probat L5 coffee roaster in SE Portland.

We worked with Oblique to create the perfect coffee for relaxing morning:
Single origin

Where to Purchase

* On our ticket buying page
* At the Box Office during the festival
* At Oblique during the month of May (call ahead)

About The Label

This images comes to us from filmmaker Joey Schusler from his film “Trail to Kazbegi,” which shows in this year’s festival.

Joey Schusler is an adventurer extraordinaire who also creates gorgeous films about his journeys. In his early 20’s, Joey realized his bike could be more than simply a thrill-seeking tool for racing the clock, it could also be a tool for adventure and getting an personal view of the world.

Our Inspiration

It starts in August. Filmmakers from around the world send their movies to our Jury in hopes they’ll make the cut for our festival. We watch endless hours of footage from the far reaches of this wild world.

Smiles, laughs, determination, amazing feats of adventure on the rugged road, trials, tribulations, joy and victory.

Bicycle adventure allows us to sink into the landscape and be one with the world around us in a way so visceral, so open and honest. There’s no hiding here – and we don’t want to. We want these true experiences of life that remind us what it is to truly be alive.

The films we watch remind us: it’s adventure time. We seek dusty rail lines, gravel roads, singletrack through paradise, gritty dimly lit night streets and broad, sweeping views. We want it all, and the open road is calling.

Let’s ride. But first: coffee.