Support Black, Indigenous and all People of Color in telling their bicycle stories

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Black, Indigenous and People of Color have often been left out of conversations about biking. Their stories have not be centered, shared and celebrated on equal ground.

As a film festival with 20 years of experience seeking unique bicycle stories, we have a long history of searching for films by BIPOC filmmakers. We know firsthand how few of these films exist, and what a loss this is for the cycling and creative communities.


We’re working to change that!


Funding is a major barrier to filmmaking, which is why we’ve created this fund to award generous grants to emerging filmmakers.

With your support, we can award grants to more filmmakers and help bring important stories and voices to the screen.

We award cash grants of $1,500 to each filmmaker, and the number of filmmakers we can support is determined by YOU!

Program info


How the Grant Program Works


Thanks to support from individuals like you, we have awarded grants to 7 filmmaker so far. Filmmakers from all over the world are eligible to apply for a grant. The resulting films are shown at our signature annual film festival in Portland, Oregon. The films then go on the road year round, worldwide through our Tour Program.

With your support, we can bring more important films to life!

Please spread the word and share this campaign!

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