Signature Festival Routes

Bikes + Movies + RIDES!

Grab your friends and head out on a ride!

We’re unveiling two of our favorite ride in Portland – just for the festival weekend! Watch the movies, get inspired, them head out on a ride!

Special thanks to our friends at Ride with GPS for collaborating on this cool project.

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Urban Cruise

Two States, Two Bridges

27 miles, 1,100 ft of elevation gain

Brave the bridges for striking views as you dip your toes into Washington State and snake along the mighty Columbia River.

Old Evergreen HIghway on the Washington side is a gem (and recently re-paved) – a residential street with unique architecture and plenty of river views.

This ride features mostly low traffic routes, but there are a few advanced intersections.


Clock Some Miles

5 Quadrants – The Ultimate Portland Loop

20 leisurely miles, very flat, plenty of bail out points and places to stop along the way

Explore Portland the best way possible – BY BIKE! This fun ride takes you through the five quadrants of Portland with a glimpse of plenty of favorite spots.

There are plenty of opportunities to stop and explore along the way. Take a break a break, grab beer, swing by a food truck, browse the shops.

Make this ride your own – have fun!