The Crews

Crews are coming from all over the area, converging on Portland for Filmed by Bike. We just got word that two vehicle-loads of Canadians are coming down for the weekend, including Khaled, the star of TAG by Bill Prouty. The Amtrak train from Seattle has no more room for bikes that weekend. There is also a team of kid coming up from Eugene, Oregon. They’re involved with Center for Appropriate Transport in Eugene, and their movie made it in the festival. The movie is about Will, a high schooler who rides his tall bike to school every day. Here’s a little of Will’s story…

Will lives on the outskirts of Eugene and has to get up, as he says, “At the butt-crack of dawn” to ride his bike to school. But he does it, along with a group of friends. The movie documents their ride to school on a cold day and comes complete with a heartening shot of two tall bikers holding onto a street light for balance, touching hands, waiting for the light to change.

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