How Fast is Fast? ==SPEED RAFFLE

At the Opening Night Throwdown on Friday we’ve got an intermission ==Speed Raffle. But what does that mean? Well, though our MCs are super cutie pies, we know you’re not going to want to sit through them hamming it up on stage forever. After all, it’s all about the bike movies, right?
So we put together a speed raffle where we’ll give away 20 prizes in 10 minutes. Oh no, I’m not kidding. Bring your dollars and buy a wad of tickets because you’ve got a great chance of winning something. Like what? Check out this cool list:

We’ve got the everyone-loves-them hats by Shaun Deller, a hot messenger bag from Lemolo bags, wrist bands to MusicFest Northwest, sexy sexy thigh high socks from Sock Dreams, flasks and bike mountable flask holsters from Ahearne Cycles and more. And of course, everyone who buys a raffle ticket gets entered into the drawing for the Electra Amsterdam.

[ Whole list ]

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