We Love Sat/Sun!

Sure, everyone knows Friday is going to be an all-out blowout – after all, we don’t call it a Throwdown for nothin’ – but we’d like you to meet the newest members of our party: Saturday and Sunday. I’m excited we’ve added on these additional shows. I mean, it was pretty obvious after we had lines out the door the last two years that there was no way we’d be able to fit everyone on one night. Last year we turned away nearly 300 people for lack of space.

So welcome, Saturday and Sunday, you two are going to rock. But maybe not rock out.  Please note there are no 9:00 shows on Saturday and Sunday due to a last-minute theater schedule change.  Here are some good reasons to get tickets to see Filmed by Bike on Saturday or Sunday:

* You like the idea of Filmed by Bike, but not a Throwdown

* You’d like to be able to hear all of the dialogue in the movies

* You have to work on Friday

* You’ve got kids. Sat at 5 is our only all ages screening

* You think lines suck and you’d rather just walk right in*

* Friday was great and you want to see them again

Whatever your reason, we look forward to seeing you there.

* Please note, we can’t guarantee there will be no lines on Sat and Sun. We’re new to this All Weekend Long thing, so we just can’t say for sure.

3 thoughts on “We Love Sat/Sun!

  1. No thanks. You can tell me how much you love the new weekend screenings all you want, but I’m am SO all over Friday night. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, been looking forward to it all month. Maybe one of these years I’ll actually make a movie too.

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