The Golden Helmet Award, presented by Nutcase

We’re very excited for this year’s new Golden Helmet Award, presented by Nutcase. This top award recognizes the independent filmmaker who courageously combines an original concept, a unique use of cinematography, and a nutty view of bicycling life and/or bike culture. The winner will receive a $250 cash award courtesy of Filmed by Bike and Nutcase.

This award was created by Filmed by Bike in conjunction with Nutcase to recognize the festival’s overall best film. Nutcase is proud to provide the most fun a helmet ever had, and they look forward to our filmmakers approaching their films with equal vigor. The finalists will be shown at the 7:00 pm showing on Saturday. The two honorable mentions will receive a complementary package courtesy of Filmed by Bike and Nutcase.

So get cracking, filmmakers! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got, and if it’s up to snuff you just might win the Golden Helmet.

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