We Rocked the House!

We have been in line since yesterday, this shit’s just like Star Wars.” – Felix

Phew! That sure was fun. Thanks everyone who came out on Friday, I hope you had a great time. Our jury did an excellent job picking our movies, didn’t they?

There are still more screenings! Saturday at 5 was packed and the 7:00 sold out. There’s still one more today, Sunday. Come on down.

8 thoughts on “We Rocked the House!

  1. I was going to say something like what Danny said, so I’ll just leave it at that. Though Felix was pretty right on. Did people really wait overnight? Oh my god! This shit’s bigger than Kansas.

  2. Felix was being dramatic, people didn’t really wait overnight. They may have passed out in the bushes, but as far as we know no one waited in line *that* long.

  3. I have had this movie idea in my head for a while and okay now you convinced me to put it together. are there any resources out there for people who don’t have their own equipment and want to maek a movie? i pretty much know how but I don’t have any of the stuff anymore.

  4. okay, I feel like a dork for not knowing how big this was going to be. i should have taken off work. now I should buy the DVD.

  5. oh-my-god-did-you-ever-fucking-rock
    and i’m not even from your faire city
    i was just visiting
    hot damn
    give me more portland
    all of the time
    and more filmed by bike

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