What to Expect

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? That has been our motto all week. Tonight’s going to be off the hook. Do you want to hear the movies or do you want to rock out? Choose your poison: Weekend screenings or Opening Night Throwdown. Undoubtedly both have their advantages.

First, let’s talk about tonight’s Opening Night Throwdown. There will be a line, it will be long and it may be raining outside. There won’t be any special bike parking, so pig-pile it is, lock to friends and (gasp) go around the block. What a sight it is to see those stacks and stacks of bikes. Jamie from New Belgium is coming out with some of his toys (like a sit-and-spin bike) and we’ll have their beer on our Filmed by Bike tap.

As for Saturday and Sunday, I just don’t know what to tell you. We’ve never done those weekend days. We anticipate a full theater, but you should have no problem getting in. There won’t be all the hoopla and fanfare of tonight, but then again you’ll be able to hear the movies much better.

We’ll see you soon!
~ Team Filmed by Bike

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