** Tickets are available for all shows at the door.
Box office opens 1/2 hour prior to showtime. NO SHOWS ARE SOLD OUT **

Big thanks to everyone who came out for the kick off to the 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike!

Four more days of movies

The box office opens 1/2 hour prior to showtime.

Movies play Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

There are six distinct programs to see

Tickets are available for all shows a the door. No shows will sell out before the box office opens.


Go In Style

  • Tickets are available for all shows a the door. No shows will sell out before the box office opens.
  • The box office opens at 5:30pm. All Friday tickets are for sale at that time. The 7 and 9pm shows will sell out fast, come early.
  • We have a GIGANTIC PARTY TENT and Filmed by Bike happens rain or shine. We are not wussies!
  • Filmed by Bike is CASH ONLY.
  • Bring your dollahs for the beer garden, tickets, DVDs and to purchase Speed Raffle tickets ($2,000+ in killer prizes.)
  • New Belgium is doing free on-site screen printing. Bring something (like a t-shirt or tote bag) to screen onto.
  • Bring your ID. Filmed by Bike is 21+ (except for our 5pm shows).
  • If you purchased tickets in advance, go to WILL CALL when you arrive.
  • Movies continue in SIX different programs that run through Wednesday.


Make the Most of Filmed by Bike

The 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike has 75 movies, 13 showtimes, 6 different programs and runs across 5 days. Phew, that’s a lot of movies. On top of all that there are after parties, filmmaker Q+A sessions, awards presentations, DJs, a live band, a beer garden and so much more.

Make the most of your Filmed by Bike experience with this mini guide. For a more comprehensive overview, see the four-page pull out in the Portland Mercury that is out on the streets now.

FRIDAY – Party night + movies, rain or shine, after party at Apex
SATURDAY – Awards, Q+As, mixed movies, after party at Radio Room
SUNDAY – Q+As, mixed movies
MONDAY – Sleep in, no movies
TUESDAY – Cyclocross movies
WEDNESDAY – GRAND FINALE! The Best of the Best with movies from deep in our archives.

Enjoy the show!


10th Anniversary Poster

Download your own copy!


Expertly printed by Stumptown Printers

Our 10th Anniversary poster is perforated and breaks into spoke cards and a wrist/arm cuff that we want you to wear to opening night. Every year we work closely with Stumptown Printers to create a fine poster. Using printing presses so old they have soul, Stumptown Printers creates an amazing piece of work.

This year’s poster was designed by Drew Marshall.

Come See us at Pedal Nation

We’ll be at Pedal Nation at the Expo Center all weekend long to tell people about the 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike.

We are selling our DVDs for only $5 (a special show price) and giving away copies of our stellar 10th Anniversary poster, printed by Stumptown Printers. The poster is perforated and breaks into spoke cards and a wrist cuff, which you should wear on opening night.

You can print out your own copy of the poster here, but we guarantee it won’t be nearly as impressive as the fine print work Stumptown produces on their printing presses so old they have soul.

Stop by our booth to say hi!


Brian MatheBrian Mathe, Morgan Monchaud, Vera Siphay and Bertrand Dolci have always been adventurous.  The French travel enthusiasts have long been into activities like snowboarding, surfing and windsurfing but it was a wild idea by Morgan that put the wheels of a grand journey into motion: travel around the world… by bike!  Luckily for us, they filmed it, too.
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The 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike Program

Come to Filmed by Bike! You'll get to see this sweet gem....Big ups to all the filmmakers who submitted to the Filmed by Bike. We’ve assembled a stellar selection of movies that are better than ever, perfectly fitting for our 10th anniversary. The jury certainly had their work cut out for them.

Check out this line up of movies, including two extended screenings on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Special Friday Night Raucous Program of Shorts – New Belgium Street Party – Speed Raffle Presented by Sock Dreams – GoIndependent! Award presented by Bike Gallery


Two programs of shorts – Golden Helmet Award presented by Nutcase Helmets – Long Play Movies – Filmmaker Q+As


Two programs of shorts – Long Play Movies – Filmmaker Q+As


Blood, Sweat and Gears, a Tribute to Cyclocross


The Best of the Best! Celebrating 10 years of Filmed by Bike in style. Plus the New Belgium Bike Giveaway.

Tickets will go on sale in early March.


The 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike features movies from around the world. This is an exciting and fun job for the right person.

We’re looking for a programmer to assemble 45+ movies (and supplemental material) into a series of 6 different programs. This is detailed work. Some movies repeat in multiple programs.


The programmer will have between March 1 and April 5 to complete the work. There is no flexibility on the deadline. We will get 80% of the material to the programmer by March 12, the final 20% by March 18.

Our festival is April 13-18. It is expected that the programmer be on call during this time should anything go wrong.


The final product must be a professional quality DVD that plays flawlessly.

We receive different formats of source material and it is expected that the programmer will work with these various formats. Some files may be pulled from a server, most will be on a disc.

We receive different screen ratios, but everything needs to be optimized for 16:9. It has to look great!

The sound must be normalized across all films. If you do not know what this means, this project is probably not a good fit for you.

We do not work in HD or surround sound (though some submissions will be formatted that way).


Please send us your qualifications and bid on this project.

We are happy to answer any clarifying questions before you submit your bid.


Matt Reynolds
415 264 8184

We’re Rewarding Slackers

Filmed by Bike Film Festival in Portland OregonFilmmakers, we have good news. You can relax, crack a beer, and get some sleep tonight; the deadline for entries (which was 1/20/2012) has been extended by a few days due the scheduling of our jury screening.


  • Your preview submission can be a link to a high-res, smoothly-playing online video.
  • Scholarships are still available. Please contact us for details.
  • If your film is selected by the jury, you will have a couple weeks to send in your final version.
  • The jury accepts bribes. No, it’s not unfair, it’s tradition.


The All New Jury

The 2012 Filmed by Bike jury is all lined up and looking fine. These honored bike and film enthusiasts are poised and ready to select the very best movies for our 10th Anniversary festival. Submissions are flooding in and these folks certainly have their work cut out for them.

They’re also eagerly awaiting their bribes, a time-honored Filmed by Bike submission tradition. Bribes are, of course, strictly optional but not forbidden. The jury likes dark chocolate and bourbon. Just a suggestion….

Meet the Jury >>

Special thanks to Madison’s Grill for hosting our jury screening in their super fly party room.

Spring Internship

START DATE: January 15
END DATE: April 30
HOURS: Average of 10-20 hours/week, flexible hours, work may happen any days of the week that suit your schedule
COMPENSATION: This is an unpaid internship with many perks and on-the-job learning opportunities.
LEARNING ON THE JOB: This position is an opportunity to work with three professional event coordinators with 30 years of combined experience producing stellar events. You will have ample opportunities to learn on the job.


The position may include these vital tasks:
• Producing the on-screen program
• Marketing assistance, social media maintainance assistance
• Interviews with filmmakers
• Volunteer recruitment and management
• Press kits (including creating a DVD of stills and sample videos)
• Raffle prize pick up
• Overseeing preparation of the festival video program (of the actual movies)
• Filmmaker follow up – to secure mini-DV format to meet our deadline
• Creating or securing stills for accepted movies
• Neighborhood relations and permitting
• Set up, break down and general assistance on opening night
• On-screen ad sales
• Other projects as they arise


An enthusiasm for bikes, film or events
Ability to work independently with your own work space
Ability to comit to working April 13th at the opening night
Calm under pressure to handle the busy weeks leading up to the event


We will meet every other week – day of week and time TBA. You are expected to attend all of these meetings. We will set the meetings to meet the schedules of Filmed by Bike staff.

At the beginning of the internship you will be given an outline of upcoming projects and deadlines.

Work will start on or around January 15. The internship is complete when your post-festival projects are wrapped up, which should be around April 30.

As the festival approaches, many last-minute and unpredictable needs arise. The interns are in place to assist with these needs, and your assistance will be a great asset to the festival. We are depending on your flexibility and willingness to help, especially at this time in the festival, which will be quite pressing + stressful.


Submit a cover letter and resume to by January 5, 2012.
In your cover letter, explain why you are interested in the position and what skills you bring to the internship.
No .docx files (if using Word 2007 be sure to check for this).
Pdf, .doc, .txt, or pasted into email message is okay.


Your choice of any 2 DVDs for only $18 (U.S. shipping) or $20 (int’l shipping). That’s a big savings! Now either someone’s getting a nice two-disc set or you’re buying one for yourself and one for someone else. It’s really up to you.

Choose from the following:
Greatest Hits V. 1, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.

Remember to select which DVDs you want (in the text box) or we’ll select for you.

FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING! Now that’s a deal any biker can love!

Choose your destination
Tell us which DVDs you want

Blood, Sweat and Gears

Bike racing is taking over the silver screen! In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, we are assembling a special program of bike racing movies. Oregon has a strong bike racing culture, and for one night only the theater
will be packed with Lycra as we pay homage to the blood, sweat and gears.

We want your movies! Submission details >>

To get you in the spirit of things, let’s revisit an award-winning movie from Filmed by Bike 2011, Burk Webb’s profile of the party wild Halloween Cross Crusade race. Cross season is NOW, so don’t delay, grab your camera and head to the races. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

Last Chance to Win a DVD Set

This week is your last chance to fill out the Filmed by Bike 10th Anniversary survey and have a shot at winning a DVD set (2008-2011 and the Greatest Hits v1 DVD).

As we look ahead to our 10th anniversary celebration, and look back on what we’ve been doing over the years, we’re excited. We’re honored. We’re ready to party! We want to know what you think. How should we go big?

Please take a brief moment to complete this survey by Sunday night. On Monday, one lucky winner will be randomly selected.


Welcome, Alex

We would like to welcome the newest addition to our team, Alex Atkins. Alex is a filmmaker living here in Portland who graduated from Conservatory of Film at SUNY Purchase College in New York. Two of Alex’s recent films, Unearthed and Sabina have enjoyed festival exhibition and awards in the United States and abroad.

One of Alex’s big projects is a super secret film contest that nearly everyone with a still camera, film camera or computer can enter. We’re all excited to tell you more about that very, very soon. Alex is also tasked with helping us Go Big for our 10th Anniversary, so send him your movie suggestions, tips and ideas for entertainers and collaborations at

In addition to being the Fall Promotions intern with Filmed by Bike, Alex is currently working on several short and long term productions.

Fall Promotions Internship Posting


Get creative! Spearhead creative marketing campaigns to promote our 10th Anniversary.

Mid September 2011 – January 4, 2011

Compensation: We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary and we want to go big. Join us? This unpaid internship is an excellent opportunity for on-the-job learning under the tutelage of a very organized team spearheaded by two people with extensive expertise in event organization and marketing. One of our former interns is entering his fourth year assisting the festival with high-level projects and we have an extremely dedicated volunteer crew.

Hours: Average of 8-15 hours a week.


• Marketing to encourage filmmakers to submit movies (“call for entries”)

• Oversee creative social media campaigns

• Attending events to promote the call for entries

• Oversee a materials distribution team and street teams

• Direct contact with filmmakers

• Writing blog entries

• Creating video logs (optional! fun!)

• Advertising sales assistance

• Other projects as they arise


• A sincere dedication to making our 10th Anniversary the biggest and best it can be

• Ability to work independently without direct supervision on a daily basis

• A computer with access to the internet on a reliable basis

• Ability to carry out internet research with enthusiasm

• Basic knowledge of Google Docs to maintain lists and basic databases

• Friendly and patient, able to work well with volunteers

• Enthusiasm for the festival

• Confidence and the ability to ask for assistance/ask questions when you need to


• Desire to learn or hone your marketing skills

• Excellent motivational writing skills with a punchy edge and proper grammar

• Desire to improve your writing skills

• Desire to get creative with social media efforts and blog postings

• Interest in film and/or bicycle culture

• Ability to think creatively and suggest innovative ideas without fear


Submit the following information by September 5 to Ayleen [at]

• Cover letter stating (1)why you think you’d be a good fit for this position, (2)what skills you bring to the festival, (3)why you’re excited to apply and (4)anything else we should know about you.

• List of relevant work and volunteer experience

• Three personal or professional references


Filmed by Bike is a festival of independent bike-themed movies from around the world. Every year our festival attracts a cadre of impressive submission and our elected jury chooses the final selections for our festival program.

The festival grows every year with the assistance of our interns and staff who conduct extensive outreach to filmmakers around the world.