Carrie Leonard


Portland, Oregon, USA

By day, Carrie is the Chief of Staff for an Oregon State Representative and works in climate change and transportation policy.

“On a regular basis, I accomplish things on my bike I didn’t think I could do. These things range the gamut from riding no-hands, to competing in endurance sporting events, to camping without a car, to commuting year-round via bike.”

Why she’s excited to be on the jury

“The best films, for me, are those that show me things I had never thought I could do, but seem entirely within reach if I just try. I’ll never forget the film about the family who traveled through China via bike – the good, the bad, and the ugly. But they did a thing that seemed impossible but really wasn’t. I’m not even close to ready to try riding single track with a crazy drop-off on one side, but I am ready to try to ride parts of the Continental Divide or in New York City, even though I’ve never done anything like that before. That’s what these films bring me.”


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