J Allard

Creator of 529 Garage

Why is J excited to be on the Filmed by Bike Jury? Well, he put it this way “At least two of the following are true – 1/ I love movies. 2/ I love bikes. 3/ I love criticizing people’s hard work.” So we’ll leave it up to you do decide.

Project 529* created a petition to urge Craigslist and eBay to require serial numbers on bike listings and got the support of over 51,000 cyclists and at the end of 2014 they delivered the petitions to the heads of those companies.

J loves all bikes and is in serious training to complete the holy trinity of cycling in 2015 – the World Naked Bike Ride, Seattle-to-Portland and the Leadville 100.

* Project 529 is the first mobile-based bike registration community that’s like a neighborhood watch network in your pocket. When a bike goes missing, users can press a button to activate the local cycling community – eyes on the street to look out for the bike.

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