Nichole Watson

Emerging Cyclist, Activist and Organizer

Portland, Oregon, USA

“As an emerging cyclist living in a predominately white city, when I ride a bike I am stuck between what I remember biking felt like as a kid – with my neighborhood crew – and how it feels now as a Black woman.

“When I’m on my bike, I feel challenged and really able to block out the world. I’m able to think.

“As an elementary school principal, I want my students to take their youthful love for riding bikes and evolve with it as they grow up. And film is the perfect medium to introduce them to a world outside of their neighborhoods.

“Bikes and film is the perfect entry point to the justice I think cycling needs.”

Why she’s excited to be on the jury

“I am super excited to join the Filmed by Bike Jury! I’m new to cycling but have a deep love for film and discourse. I am excited to watch these films and interact with this thing I love from a different perspective. I hope there are films that cover that nuisance and the underground cycling culture where the art lives.”


Black Girls Do Bike PDX Member @BGDBPDX


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