2014 Festival Schedule

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Saturday, April 19


5:00 – Bike Love >>
7:00 – Bike Party Special Opening Night Program >>
9:00 – Bike Party Special Opening Night Program >>

Today’s features

New Belgium Street Party >>
Speed Raffle >>
Wear a Bow Tie >>

Sunday, April 20


3:00 – Feature Length: Ciclo >>
5:00 – Heavy Pedal + Filmmaker Q+A >>
7:00 – Travel Shorts + Filmmaker Q+A >>

Today’s features

Filmmaker Q+A sessions following the 5:00 and 7:00 movietimes >>
7:00 – Adventure Night presented by Arkel with door prizes. Moderated by the Metal Cowboy >>

Monday, April 21

7:00-9:00pm – Bikes in the Night Sky, presented by Arkel. Live storytelling on stage at the theater. >>
Hosted by the Metal Cowboy with featured storyteller Ryan Van Duzer from the Travel Channel.

Tuesday, April 22


6:00 – Bike Love >>
8:00 – Heavy Pedal >>

Today’s features

Awards Ceremony following the 6:00 movietime. Presentation of the Golden Helmet Award presented by Travel Oregon and the Independent Music Award, presented by Radio Room. >>

Festival Assistant



The 12th Annual Filmed by Bike is a film festival featuring the best bicycle themed movies from around the world. We coordinate a high energy event that features a huge street party with beer garden, auxiliary events and four days at the theater. Film submissions come from around the world.

The Festival Assistant will contribute to Filmed by Bike through myriad responsibilities to ensure a successful festival. This position is geared toward someone who has a true passion for events. Our ideal candidate knows that many odd details go into making an event successful and will embrace the workload to help put on a good show.

The Festival Assistant will report directly to the Festival Director.

We are a streamlined, creative event. If you enjoy working with a team of efficient people who are involved for an altruistic, true love of the event, you will fit right in.

It would be ideal if the Festival Assistant is available January 24 and 26 in the evening for a special event that will help set the tone for the festival.


Roughly 5-10 hours a week from late January through April 25. Meetings every other week, on a very flexible schedule. Workload increases as the festival draws near and Festival Assistant must be available for increased work April 7-18.


We are an extremely positive, supportive work team. We work very hard and are fully dedicated to the festival. We work from home and gather every two weeks for a meeting at our sponsored group office, Radio Room in NE Portland. We use Google Docs for file management.


* Ability to work hard and set other things aside when urgent projects arise, ability to rest up and save energy when workload is mild.
* Event-minded.
* Cool under pressure
* Friendly, positive, personable, works well with the public.
* Communications oriented – can do a good job of representing the festival to a wide variety of people.
* Works independently with thorough initial instruction but limited oversight after that.
* Thorough with detailed projects, doesn’t mind office tasks.
* Knows how to set project priorities and ask questions to stay on track.
* Ability to balance Filmed by Bike workload with other life commitments.
* Excellent correspondence etiquette.


* Creative, eager to brainstorm new ideas for the festival.
* A love of bikes.
* A love of film.
* Basic video editing skills.


* Oversee the successful Filmed by Bike Volunteer Program and maintain relationships with our volunteer base.
* Coordinate volunteers on Opening Night.


* Relations with residential and business neighbors.
* Submitting permits to the City of Portland.


* Attend events to promote Filmed by Bike.
* Interview filmmakers for the website.
* Assist in the execution of other promotional projects.

AD SALES – 15%

* Sell advertising for the festival.
* Bill clients, follow up on billing.
* 50% commission on all ads sold beyond the base level.
* Post-event thank you to clients.


* Mandatory work on April 19 all day.
* Assist with other days of the festival (April 20-22), TBD.
* Run errands, oversee supplies.


This is a contract position that pays $2,000 in two installments based on performance. Half payment on March 15, the rest at the end of the festival.


Send resume and cover letter as a PDF to Festival Director Ayleen Crotty: [email protected] A .doc file is acceptable if that is your only option. Please ensure your cover letter clearly answers this question:
* How did you hear about this position? Please be as specific as possible.

2013 Awards

GoIndependent! Award, presented by Bike Gallery

On Sunday, April 22 following the 5pm show we will present the award. The winner will receive a $250 cash prize.

Ten Tips for Biking Eastern Europe by David Kroodsma and Lindsey Fransen (San Francisco, California)
Mick by Perception NW (Portland, Oregon)
Three Legged Horses by Felipe Bustoss Sierra (Eddinburgh, Scotland)

Golden Helmet Award, presented by Radio Room

On Tuesday, April 23 following the 7pm show will will present the award. The winner will receive a $300 cash prize.

The Man Who Lived on His Bike by Guillame Blanchet (Montreal, Canada)
Sandy Blvd: The Movie (Trailer) by Andy Chandler and Sam Dinkowitz (Portland, Oregon)
Bare as You Dare by Ian McCluskey, Lilah Cady and Jenn Byrne of NW Documentary (Portland, Oregon)


Full details on the awards can be found here >>

Bike Confessional: Tell Your Story

Step into the confessional and tell your story on Opening Night at Filmed by Bike.


That one time, on your bike you…. Your most striking memory…. Oh no you di’n’t!

Amazing things happen while we ride our bikes, good, bad and very strange. Tonight with the help of Crank my Chain we’re giving you a venue to tell all.

We’re recording the stories of bikers in this secluded space where it’s just you, the camera and a curtain.

Need to be anonymous? No problem. Put on the glasses and mustache and our editor will disguise your voice.

Start working your way through your bike memories and prepare the best tale you can tell.


Crank my Chain staff will be on site to help you tell your story. Afterwards, the collection of tales will be profiled on Crank my Chain and the Filmed by Bike website.


The Bike Confessional is open 3-6:45 pm and 7:45-9:30 pm on April 20th.


Upload your photos to instagram and tag them #PortlandBikes and #FilmedByBike. We’ll choose winners to receive free tickets to Closing Night. We’re looking for the best Portland bike photos, so showcase your favorites!

DEADLINE:April 14, 2013 (we’ll choose a winner on Monday the 15th).


Radio Room
1101 NE Alberta Street
Tuesday, April 16
8:00 pm

Bike Movie Trivia is happening at Radio Room in celebration of Filmed by Bike. Trivia begins at 8pm. The event will be crowded, so come early to secure a table for your team and grab a drink. Teams can be any number of people up to 6. There are great prizes, including free tickets to Filmed by Bike, Radio Room gift certificates, and more!

Radio Room is a huge supporter of Filmed by Bike, the HQ for our meetings, and, most importantly, the sponsors of our Golden Helmet Award.

RSVP on Facebook >>
Radio Room info >>

Filmmaker Q+A Sessions

Every year we invite filmmakers on stage to discuss their movies. This amazing opportunity to meet the masterminds behind some of your favorite bike movies is a powerful moment in the theater.

Filmmaker Q+A sessions take place immediate following the showings and usually last about 20 minutes, depending on how robust the conversation is. Come prepared with questions – the filmmakers love to discuss their work.

The sessions are free, but you will need a movie ticket to get into the theater.

In 2012 to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we featured two sessions of panels made up entirely of filmmakers from out of town.

2013 PANEL

Sunday, April 21, 5pm
Following the Triumph Program of Shorts >>

  • Russ Roca – What is Bicycle Travel
  • Cobi Rush – I Dream of Biking
  • Brynden McNew – Mick

Sunday, April 21, 7pm
Following the Bicycle Dreams program >>

  • Ian McCluskey – Bare As You Dare
  • Andy Chandler – Sandy Blvd
  • McSlappy – I’m in Oakland and I’m Riding My Bike


Special thanks to Meghan Sinnott for moderating and organizing our Filmmaker Q+A Series.

Bare as You Dare

What’s with all the naked people riding through the streets of Portland every summer? The Bare As You Dare documentary follows several unlikely-to-get-naked cyclists as they forgo their clothes and ride with thousands of people on the Portland World Naked Ride.


The film by Ian McCluskey and a crew of assistants from NW Documentary premieres during the Bicycle Dreams program at the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike. This 17 minute piece follows a variety of subjects from a cancer survivor to a reserved homebody, who are surprisingly open in sharing their personal stories and motivation for participation.


Take a peek at this impressive documentary, watch the trailer >>.


World Naked Rides started as a demonstration against excessive dependence on oil, but have quickly spread around the globe as celebrations of the freedom of bicycling. Portland’s annual ride, founded in 2002, is widely regarded as the largest in the nation, though the numbers have not yet been verified. Organizers hope to get an official count at the next ride this June.

2013 Accepted Films List

Guillame Blanchet – The Man Who Lived on His Bike

Stephen Blanquie – Devin Tolman: End of Summer

Felipe Bustoss Sierra – Three Legged Horses

Andy Chandler – Sandy Blvd: The Movie (Trailer)

Ilima Considine – Sweet Ride

Tynan Davis – I’m in Oakland and I’m Riding my Bike

Gabriel Donati – Wing Mirror

Richard and Beatrix Grassick – Beauty and the Bike

Skylar Grey – C’Mon Let Me Ride

Matti Hemmings – BMX Flatland Bowling Alley

Patrick Hendry – Worlds Between Lines

Mark Irving – Santa Cycle Rampage

Alan Kollis – Easy Rollin

David Kroodsma – Ten Tips for Biking Eastern Europe

Mary Leighton – I Put my Bike on the Bus

Brynden McNew – Mick

Kara Minnehan – Bike Love Trailer

Chris New – 16 Stories from the North Sea

Paul O’Connor – Everybody’s Bike Rentals

Ted Passon – Bicycle Race Parody

Merritt Raitt – Circle Century

Russ Roca – What is Bicycle Travel

Peter Root – Cycling Central Asia

Cobi Rusch – I dream of BIking

Bernard Sanders – For Lovers

Dave Shapiro – The Fox and the Grapes

Effie Siverts – Score Me, Maybe?

Dale Sood – King of the Ice (Le Roi de Glace)

Janel Sternbetz – Gaia Music Festival

Ray Thomas – Doored Again

Alex Milan Tracy – Bike Cart Bungee Skating

Edward Valibus – Bad Bikes

Rob Vanderenabeele – Abandoned: Bikes on the Street

Mike Vogel – Doored

Keith Walberg – Cry Baby Hill

Filmmaker Spotlight: Guillaume Blanchet

Guillaume Blanchet left France ten years ago to settle in Montreal, leaving behind friends and volumes of tender memories. So it was decided that every year they would meet at some destination in the world. Blanchet was in charge of filming which grew his passion for filmmaking. Some scenes from trips were not traditionally filmed so in order to round out story lines Guillaume would use creative film techniques like stop motion and play mobile to recreate events not typically caught on camera. The projects led to more projects until Blanchet had forty films and a cache of festivals under his belt, including winning awards in Bike Reel Film Fest, NDG Off The Wall, Boston Bike Film Festival and the Francophone Film Fest.

Blanchet’s current submission to Filmed By Bike was inspired by his father who traveled almost consistently with and by his bike, “He called me once from Romania and told me about his trip…I said dad you really do live on your bike. Hence the title.”  In The Man Who Lived On His Bicycle we see a man literally cook, sleep and bath via bike. When asked if there is any thing else he would like to do in film, Blanchet replies, “Shoot a project with Lionel Messi.” To view a couple of Guillaume Blanchet’s films visit:

Laïka/ https://vimeo.com/4949624
Snowmotion/ https://vimeo.com/5345412

Internship Opening

Come to Filmed by Bike! You'll get to see this sweet gem....We’re hiring!

Every year we bring on new interns with exciting ideas to help make the festival happen. Our Spring Intern will oversee advanced projects to support the festival.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn event coordination and marketing in a supported environment while making this very impressive event flourish.

Keep your resume fresh, learn new skills, make incredible connections, oversee major projects, learn from a supportive team, be a part of a cool event, get creative, meet filmmakers, learn event coordination, hone your marketing skills – and so much more.


Filmaker Spotlight: Kara Minnehan

Kara Minnehan is a synergetic personality on a mission to inspire human connection and community using a tool growing in popularity: the bicycle.

Kara’s organization Bike-Love.org hosts a variety of events, everything from fashion shows and art exhibitions to comedy and social experiments. But the hub connecting each project is firmly rooted in feminism, and Kara’s personal history.

In an effort to reach “bike-curious” women and empower them to discover the freedom of bike riding, Kara is embarking on a documentary journey. The film explores her transition from a motorist to a cyclist. Kara has come a long way since last December. In less than a year, she sold her car, explored bike-commuting firsthand, and put in motion the Bike Love project that has engaged more than three hundred local supporters.
Continue reading

Special DVD Sale!

DVD saleIt’s time to make some room at our headquarters so we can start to prepare for the 2013 festival, so we’re offering this 3-pack at a real steal of a deal. No refunds.

Choose ANY THREE DVDs for only $25 (USA) or $28 (International). You can even choose three of the same DVD as gifts for friends.

** Sale ends November 9th at 11:59pm **

Our DVDs make great gifts, for someone else or as a treat for yourself. Chill on the couch with a huge bowl of popcorn, a blanket and a huge collection of the best bike movies. All to yourself, or to share with friends.

FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING! Now that’s a deal any biker can love!

Choose your destination
Tell us which DVDs you want

Fall Promotions Internship

Get creative! Spearhead creative marketing campaigns to promote the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike.

Late September 2012 – Mid January, 2013
(application deadline: September 24)


This unpaid internship is an excellent opportunity for on-the-job learning under the tutelage of a very organized team spearheaded by three people with extensive expertise in event organization and marketing. Several of our former volunteers have used the experience to move on to impressive professions and we have an extremely dedicated volunteer crew.

Hours: Average of 8-15 hours a week.


Filmed by Bike is a festival of independent bike-themed movies from around the world. Every year our festival attracts a cadre of impressive submission and our elected jury chooses the final selections for our festival program.

The festival grows every year with the assistance of our interns and staff who conduct extensive outreach to filmmakers around the world.


• Marketing to encourage filmmakers to submit movies (“call for entries”)
• Oversee creative social media campaigns
• Attending events to promote the call for entries
• Oversee a materials distribution team and street teams
• Hosting on-the-street creative promotional events
• Direct contact with filmmakers
• Writing blog entries
• Creating video logs (optional! fun!)
• Advertising sales assistance
• Other projects as they arise


• A sincere enthusiasm for and dedication to making our festival the best it can be
• Ability to work independently without direct supervision on a daily basis
• A computer with access to the internet on a reliable basis
• Ability to carry out internet research with enthusiasm
• Basic knowledge of Google Docs to maintain lists and basic databases
• Confidence and the ability to ask for assistance/ask questions when you need to


• Desire to learn or hone your marketing skills
• Excellent motivational writing skills with a punchy edge and proper grammar
• Desire to improve your writing skills
• Desire to get creative with social media efforts, pop-up events and blog postings
• Interest in film and/or bicycle culture
• Ability to think creatively and suggest innovative ideas without fear


Submit the following information to [email protected] by September 24:
• Cover letter stating (1)why you think you’d be a good fit for this position, (2)what skills you bring to the festival, (3)why you’re excited to apply and (4)anything else we should know about you.
• List of relevant work and volunteer experience
• Three personal or professional references


** Tickets are available for all shows at the door.
Box office opens 1/2 hour prior to showtime. NO SHOWS ARE SOLD OUT **

Big thanks to everyone who came out for the kick off to the 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike!

Four more days of movies

The box office opens 1/2 hour prior to showtime.

Movies play Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

There are six distinct programs to see

Tickets are available for all shows a the door. No shows will sell out before the box office opens.


Go In Style

  • Tickets are available for all shows a the door. No shows will sell out before the box office opens.
  • The box office opens at 5:30pm. All Friday tickets are for sale at that time. The 7 and 9pm shows will sell out fast, come early.
  • We have a GIGANTIC PARTY TENT and Filmed by Bike happens rain or shine. We are not wussies!
  • Filmed by Bike is CASH ONLY.
  • Bring your dollahs for the beer garden, tickets, DVDs and to purchase Speed Raffle tickets ($2,000+ in killer prizes.)
  • New Belgium is doing free on-site screen printing. Bring something (like a t-shirt or tote bag) to screen onto.
  • Bring your ID. Filmed by Bike is 21+ (except for our 5pm shows).
  • If you purchased tickets in advance, go to WILL CALL when you arrive.
  • Movies continue in SIX different programs that run through Wednesday.


Make the Most of Filmed by Bike

The 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike has 75 movies, 13 showtimes, 6 different programs and runs across 5 days. Phew, that’s a lot of movies. On top of all that there are after parties, filmmaker Q+A sessions, awards presentations, DJs, a live band, a beer garden and so much more.

Make the most of your Filmed by Bike experience with this mini guide. For a more comprehensive overview, see the four-page pull out in the Portland Mercury that is out on the streets now.

FRIDAY – Party night + movies, rain or shine, after party at Apex
SATURDAY – Awards, Q+As, mixed movies, after party at Radio Room
SUNDAY – Q+As, mixed movies
MONDAY – Sleep in, no movies
TUESDAY – Cyclocross movies
WEDNESDAY – GRAND FINALE! The Best of the Best with movies from deep in our archives.

Enjoy the show!


10th Anniversary Poster

Download your own copy!


Expertly printed by Stumptown Printers

Our 10th Anniversary poster is perforated and breaks into spoke cards and a wrist/arm cuff that we want you to wear to opening night. Every year we work closely with Stumptown Printers to create a fine poster. Using printing presses so old they have soul, Stumptown Printers creates an amazing piece of work.

This year’s poster was designed by Drew Marshall.