Accepted Films, 2016

Thank you to everyone who submitted their films to the 2016 Filmed by Bike and congratulations to the filmmakers whose films were declared one of the world’s best bike movies!


Advocacy Shorts

10 films 45 minutes Produced with support from Street Films. Advocacy is

Films Manager

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 14, 2015. ABOUT THIS POSITION The 14th Annual Filmed

Host a Film Festival

Let’s inspire people to ride bikes!

Filmed by Bike makes it easy to host a bike-themed film festival. We curate the world’s best bike movies into programs we’ve developed specifically for groups to host their own festival.

The Making of a Trailer

A behind the scenes look at the making of the trailer for the 13th Annual Filmed by Bike. We spent several days following the bikers of Portland on their rides past some of our favorite spots.

Special thanks to filmmaker Domen O┼żbot.